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The 2019 PA Farm Show will occur January 5 - 12 at the Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg. The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association's showcase annual event and the primary source of fund raising for the Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program.

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2019 Farm Show

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2019 PA Farm Show Exhibit Notes

  • A new layout this year. The butter sculpture will be moved to the McClay Street entrance. About 30 feet from the Apiary Learning Center.
  • The Honey Market will move from the far wall and be adjacent to the Apiary lighted honey exhibits. An all-new Farmers Market theme will combine products for sale alongside judged exhibits of the same kind.
  • There are openings for Individual and County Exhibits. All entries receive a premium.
  • Exhibit Entries must arrive at the Farm Show on Thursday, Jan 3rd, between 9:00AM and 6:00PM.
  • Online Registration available via the ShoWorks site; read the instructions and 'Sign In' at the upper right corner.
  • READ the RULES.
  • Hogg Half Comb has itís own class, separated from Section Comb Honey in basswood frames.
  • Novelty Frame of Honey has been deleted.
  • Frame of Honey in the Comb will continue.
  • Extracted Honey will be placed in color classes
  • using a digital color grader. Adjustments will be made upon check-in.
  • All entries are $1 each to register. Pay by card or check when completing registration.
  • Exhibits may not be removed before 5:00PM on closing Saturday, Jan 16th.

Contact Apiary Chairman Charlie at (814)-350-0662 or for questions.

Volunteers Needed!

Ice Cream Stand

It's time to sign up to help in the ice cream stand. Click HERE to choose your time slots. Sign up early to get the dates and shifts you want. Notice also the details for free parking passes and that you may qualify for partial hotel reimbursement if you have a longer commute to Harrisburg. Bring a group of friends from your club or your neighborhood to enjoy the Farm Show and help us out! All the proceeds from the ice-cream and waffle sales support the PA Honey Queen program which supports all of us so please help.

Contact Steve Finke (610-737-7676 / or Aaron Fisher (717-363-0974 / if you have any questions about signing up. Thanks for helping!

Farmer's Market (formerly Market Place)

People wishing to volunteer to work at the Farmerís Market or who want to provide honey for sale at the Farmerís Market Booth can contact Tom Jones at (717) 243-0356 (no texts) any evening after 7 PM. Volunteers at the PSBA Farmerís Market Booth will be selling honey and other products of the hive.

Farm Show Learning Center

If you are available to volunteer at the Learning Center, visit SignUpGenius (an online scheduling program where can see the schedule and sign up). The Learning Center educates the public at the Farm Show on beekeeping. You do not have to be a twenty year veteran of beekeeping to volunteer. First year beekeepers know more than the average visitor. There are other beekeepers scheduled at the same time if you cannot answer a question. If you enjoy talking about beekeeping you will enjoy this. I personally enjoy talking to the kids and educating them even if they do not realize it. You may leave tired and a bit hoarse, but will enjoy your time.

If you have trouble signing up online please email me or call me and I can put you on the schedule. If you are new to helping at the Learning Center, please email me you name, address, and phone number so I can send you a parking pass.

Thanks, Stan Poleshuk

PSBA Farm Show Committee

Stu Mathias
Tom Jones
Steve Finke
Aaron Fisher
Andy Miller
Charlie Vorisek

PSBA 2018 Farm Show Pictures

2018 PSBA Farm Show Photos

2018 PSBA Farm Show Photos and Videos (at Facebook)
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