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Welcome to all Beekeepers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As most of you are well aware, there are many challenges facing honey bees and beekeepers and we are asking for your help and support in facing them.

We would like to invite all beekeepers in the commonwealth to join us in our efforts to promote beekeeping and honey bees in general. In Pennsylvania, as of now, there are over 5,300 beekeepers registered with the PA Department of Agriculture. We do not know how many beekeepers are not registered. However, of all the beekeepers in PA, approximately 950 are members of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association (PSBA). All beekeepers in Pennsylvania benefit from the diligence and efforts of the PSBA and we can certainly use your help.

You may ask why should I join the state association, when I may (or may not) already belong to a local association. Fair question. Allow me to list a few reasons.

A few of the benefits of becoming a member of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepersí Association (PSBA):

These are just a few of the many useful benefits provided by PSBA, the Pennsylvania State Beekeepersí Association.
The cost of membership is reasonable.

New and Renewal Membership Cost
Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association

$20.00 Individual Dues
$25.00 Family Dues
$1.00 Junior Membership (Under 17) Annual Dues
$200.00 Lifetime Membership

For those of you who are current members,
Thank You!
Without your support and help, we could not operate.

For those who are not yet members, please consider joining with fellow beekeepers in promoting our industry and safeguarding the very important interest we have in common, honey bees!

Visit our website at for more information or contact our secretary:

Bob Tatro
110 Holly Hill Dr.
Oakdale, PA 15071
(412) 508-0820

Join PSBA now!

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