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Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Constitution and By-Laws


ARTICLE I This Association shall be known as The Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association.

ARTICLE II The objects of this Association shall be:

1. Promotion of the scientific study of bees and honey production.

2. Dissemination of information on modern practical apiary management.

3. Review of all proposed legislation that may effect apiculture or honey production in the Commonwealth of

Pennsylvania, and provide active support or opposition as the situation may demand.

4. To promote closer fellowship between beekeepers and between the County Beekeeping Associations.

5. To foster in the minds of the public a true appreciation of the economic and ecological importance of the honeybee.

ARTICLE III This organization shall be governed by the Executive Committee and the officers as chosen, at such time, and

in such manner, and for such periods, as the By-Laws shall ordain.

ARTICLE IV The membership shall consist of persons who comply with conditions of membership set forth in the ByLaws.

ARTICLE V Two annual meetings of the Association will be held – one a summer picnic and the other a meeting for the

election of officers and conduct of general business preferable in the fall or winter at a place centrally located

for Pennsylvania beekeepers. Special meetings shall be called by the officers, or the secretary upon the

written request of five members.

ARTICLE VI This Constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of all members present at any business meeting, of

which thirty days notice shall be given in writing, or through the official organ of the Association, THE


B Y - L A W S

ARTICLE 1 The various classes of membership in the Association and the requirements are as follows:

Section I

 Senior: Any beekeeper or anyone interested in beekeeping over 17 years of age may become a senior member.

This membership shall convey all privileges and rights to voting and holding office.

 Family: Any beekeeping family or any family interested in beekeeping may become members. This membership

shall convey all privileges and rights to voting and holding office. Members must be over the age of 18 to

vote and hold office. The dues are to be $5.00 more than Senior membership.

 Lifetime: Lifetime member’s dues will be ten times the Senior dues. Lifetime members shall convey all privileges and

rights to voting and holding office.

 Junior: Any beekeeper or anyone interested in beekeeping who has not yet passed his eighteenth birthday may

become a Junior member. Junior members are entitled to all the privileges of membership except the right to

vote or hold office.

 Life Member: Life membership may be awarded by the Executive Committee to a member for faithful service over a

period of at least five years and/or meritorious service to the Association. Life members shall have all the

privileges of membership including the right to vote and hold office. Not more than one Life Membership

may be awarded in any one year.

 Honorary: Honorary memberships may be awarded by the Executive Committee to persons whose achievements

warrant special recognition as an authority in the field of apiculture. Nominations for Honorary

memberships may be made by any member, and must be in writing to the Secretary of the Executive

Committee. Election to Honorary membership is thereupon conducted by written ballot and awarded by two-thirds approval of the entire Executive Committee. Honorary memberships have all the privileges of

membership except the right to vote and hold office. Not more than one Honorary membership shall be

given in any two years.

Section 2: The annual dues for membership shall be set at each annual business meeting.

LIFE AND HONORARY memberships are dues exempt.

Dues are payable to the Treasurer on or before month of Anniversary date. Members in arrears 30

days shall be given special notice, and if in arrears thirty days after a special notice, shall be dropped from



Section 1 The elective members of this Association shall be a President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President

and a Secretary-Treasurer.

Section 2 The Executive Committee of this Association shall consist of the elected officers of the Association, Past

Presidents, and one representative from each Affiliated Club meeting the requirements listed below. The

Affiliated Club representative shall be a member in good standing in the state association and in his/her

representative Affiliated Club. The President and Secretary-Treasurer shall be the Chairperson and Secretary

to the Executive Committee.

Affiliated Clubs shall meet the requirements and be entitled to the benefits listed below:

Affiliated Club Requirements:

- Affiliated Clubs shall have 10 members who are PSBA members and declare that club as their primary organization.

- Affiliated Clubs shall have By-Laws or Articles of Incorporation.

- Affiliated Clubs shall have Elected Officers.

- Affiliated Clubs shall be not for profit or nonprofit organizations.

Affiliated Club Benefits:

- Affiliated Clubs are entitled to a representative on the Executive Committee.

- Affiliated Clubs are entitled to have organizational activities listed in the Pennsylvania Beekeeper and PSBA Website

Upcoming Events listings.

- Affiliated Clubs are entitled to a rebate of $2 for each PSBA membership submitted through the Affiliated Club.

Section 3 One nomination for each office shall be presented by the Nominating Committee at the time of the election

of officers. Other nominations may be made from the floor. A majority shall be required for election. In the

case of no majority, only the two highest for each office will be eligible to be voted on.

Section 4 The President may not serve more than four terms in succession.


Section 1 It shall be the duty of the President to call and preserve order in all meetings of the Association and

Executive Committee, appoint all committees, call for reports of officers, and decide upon all questions of

order, according to regular parliamentary usage. The Rules of Order not specifically provided in these ByLaws shall be Robert’s Rules of Order. The President shall be, ex officio, a member of all committees except

the Nominating Committee.

Section 2 It shall be the duty of the First Vice-President in the absence of the President to perform the duties of that

office. It shall be the duty of the Second Vice President in the absence of the President and First VicePresident to perform the duties of that office.

Section 3 The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep an accurate record of all transactions of the Association and of the

Executive Committee, and shall conduct such correspondence as the President, the Executive Committee, or

the Association and shall make disbursements upon the order of the President or the Executive Committee.


Section 1 The Executive Committee shall manage the business affairs of the Association and the Chairperson shall

make a report of its actions at the Annual Meeting of the Association.

Section 2 The Executive Committee shall meet at such times and places as the President and Secretary shall decide,

six members constituting a quorum. A meeting must be held at the written request, to the chairperson, of five

members of the Executive Committee. All business coming before a meeting of the Committee shall be

decided by a majority of the committee present.

Section 3 The Executive Committee shall by a majority vote of its members present at a meeting of the committee,

fill by appointment any vacancy occurring in any elective office except that of President. This appointment

shall be effective until the next Annual meeting of the Association.


Section 1 There shall be following Standing Committees:

a. Beekeeper of the Year 

b. Farm Show 

c. Legislative 

d. Nominating 

e. Honeybee Advisory Board 

f. Annual Meetings and Banquet 

g. Promotion

h. Pa. Honey Queen

i. Publishing and Membership

j. Research

k. Scholarship

l. Auditing

Section 2 The duties and responsibilities of Standing Committees shall be the generation and execution of programs

to further, in their areas of influence, the objectives of the Association as stated in Article II of the

Constitution, and to engage in activities usual to such named committees.

Section 3 The President shall appoint annually the chairpersons of all Standing Committees.

Section 4 Chairpersons shall serve for one year. They may add members to their committee in such manner as their

activities may require.

Section 5 The Executive Committee shall, upon request of the President, review programs and activities of any

Standing Committee, and may approve, revise, or terminate for cause, any program or activity by a twothirds vote of members present at any meeting of the Executive Committee. The chairperson of such

committee shall have the right to appeal, and must be granted, upon request, a hearing prior to the initiation

of any restrictive motions.


Section 1 A permanent Accumulative Fund shall be established with the moneys and savings accounts in the hands

of the Secretary-Treasurer for investing or loaning as here-in-after provided.

Section 2 The Executive Committee of the Association shall have general supervision but the Secretary-Treasurer,

when qualified, shall be custodian of the Fund.

Section 3 The Fund may be invested only in approved Government, Municipal, or such other bonds and investments

as are available to National Banks and Trust companies for investment of Trust Funds. The Fund may also

be used for loans to meritorious students majoring in beekeeping at any approved college, which students

shall be expected to repay the principal.

Section 4 The Secretary-Treasurer shall recommend budgets, from the Fund, for officer expenses and discretionary



Section 1 The Association shall mainly be governed by the following Order of Business:

1. Prayer

2. Roll Call

3. Introduction of new members (or guests)

4. Reading of Minutes

5. Report of Chairman of the Executive Committee

6. Report of the Secretary-Treasurer

7. Report of Standing Committees

8. Old Business

9. Election of Officers

10. New Business

11. Adjournment


Section 1 “The Pennsylvania Beekeeper” shall be the official publication of the Association, with an editor appointed

by the President.


Section 1 The By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of all members present at any business meeting,

provided notice of the proposed changes had been mailed to all members or printed in the official organ of

the Association, “The Pennsylvania Beekeeper”, at least thirty days prior to the meeting.

RMT 12 March 2019 (Changes approved 3 November 2017)

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