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PSBA's mission of supporting beekeepers, advocating for research and educating the public has continued for 110 years. Our associaton is made up of beekeepers from beginners to commercial beekeepers and honey packers all across the 67 counties of this great state. One of our primary interests is the promotion of scientific study of honeybees and honey production. We are constantly on the watch to review proposed legislation that may effect apiculture or honey production in Pennsylvania.

The Pa State Beekeepers Association strives to promote fellowship between beekeepers and County Beekeeping Associations. PSBA is an active partner with Penn State University and the Pa Department of Agriculture. Together we aim to solve problems and foster in the minds of the public a true appreciation of the economic and ecological importance of the honeybee.

The Pennsylvania State Beekeepers' Association had its beginning at a meeting in Williamsport, Pa. on April 12, 1904, and held its first annual convention at Harrisburg in December of that year. Professor H.A. Surface, State Zoologist, was elected President; and E.F. Phillips, a fellow for research at the University of Pennsylvania was a member of the Executive Committee (Phillips went on to work for Cornell and the U.S.D.A.).

The annual fall meeting was held for many years in connection with the Farm Show Exhibition. However, housing and banquet facilities became increasingly difficult to arrange, and the weather was consistently bad. After the blizzard of 1975 it was decided to meet in the late fall in a more central location. We met at the Country Cupboard/ Best Western in Lewisburg, Pa. for about 20 years. The last few years the meeting has been held at a State College location.

The Summer meeting began in 1911. The first one, at Reynoldsville,Pa., included a report on the successful passage of legislation to control foulbrood. Since the legislature failed to provide funding for apiary inspection, the Association asked for volunteer inspectors until the mid 1920's. The summer picnics have been a popular activity of the organization and continue into the present. They are held annually at the invitation of county associations throughout the state.

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