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Open to serve the counties of Warren, Erie, Crawford, Mercer and Venango. The mission of our association is to foster the promotion, education and virtues of beekeeping.


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The North Western Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association
 The North Western Pennsylvania Beekeepers Association (NWPBA) was re-established in

2001.  Previously, the Association existed for many years, but disbanded about 1990 for a variety of

reasons including aging beekeepers and heavy losses due to the arrival of varroa mites.  With a

survey and a renewed interest, a new generation of beekeepers met to re-start the Northwestern PA

Beekeepers.  Keeping with tradition, we continue to serve five counties, including Warren, Erie, Crawford, Venango

and Mercer. The NWPBA has been an important resource in maintaining a working relationship with

local media, farm organizations, and a growing interest in beekeeping.  Membership began with 25

and has grown to over 300.

Some of our members are professional beekeepers, while some are just getting started. All share an

interest in the wonderful and remarkable world of the honey bee. 

The purpose of the NWPBA is to provide our members with interesting and practical information

about honey bees and beekeeping techniques. The club also provides the general public with educational

programs about benefits of bees and beekeeping in our communities.

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