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 Happy Birthday PSBA! 

Join us as we enter our 110th year. Our commitment to the honeybees and the beekeepers of Pennsylvania is still going strong.

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PA Beekeepers Celebrate Milestones

Lori Stahl, a member of the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association, teaching children about the importance of honey bees. Providing educational services is one goal of the organization.

The Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association is celebrating two milestones in 2014. This year marks the 110th anniversary for the association and the 60th year of its Honey Queen program.

“This is a huge milestone for the organization,” Charles Vorisek, PSBA president said. “The beekeeping industry has changed and evolved over the past 110 years, but the PSBA’s mission of supporting beekeepers, advocating for research and educating the public still remain the same.”

One of the ways the PSBA provides education services is through the Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program. Founded in 1954, the program has provided educational presentations and a spokesperson for the industry for 60 years.

“Our Queens and Princesses work diligently to promote the beekeeping industry, educate the public on the importance of honey bees and increase the consumption of honey,” Rachel Bryson, chair of the Honey Queen program said. “Reaching 60 years is a testament to the quality of this program and the hard work of its many queens, princesses and chair people.”

The PSBA currently has approximately 800 members. It was formed on April 12, 1904 during its meeting in Williamsport. The first president of the association was Prof. H.A. Surface, who was also the state zoologist. The organization holds two meetings each year; one during its summer picnic and the second at its annual fall convention. The PSBA continues to serve beekeepers throughout Pennsylvania with a commitment to supporting honey bee research, advocating pure PA honey and providing education to the community.

1962 Honey Queen Photos added to Archive

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Honey Queen program, we've added some old pictures of the 1962 Honey Queen to our photo archive.

2014 PA Honey Queen Selected

The Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program is proud to announce that Kaylee Kilgore was selected as the 2014 Pennsylvania Honey Queen during the Western PA Beekeeping Seminar in Pittsburgh. Kaylee, 19, originally from Maine, is the daughter of Cindy and Bruce Kilgore. Details on our Honey Queen Program page.

PA Honey Queen named American Honey Princess

Elena Hoffman, 2013 Pennsylvania Honey Queen, was selected as the 2014 American Honey Princess during the North American Beekeeping Conference and Tradeshow. Details on our Honey Queen Program page.

FARM-Tastic Book Program

The Pennsylvania Farm Bureau’s Women’s Leadership does an agriculture book promotion each year. This year the State Women’s Leadership Committee has chosen “The Beeman” a book by Laurie Krebs for the 2014 FARM-tastic Book Program. “The Beeman” will introduce honeybees to students (K-2). The book describes how bee keepers care for their bees, the different kinds of bees, and how bees help us pollinate. The story also covers how bees make honey. Cost: $10 For more information on the book or the FARM-Tastic Book Program visit their website.

Photos from 2014 Farm Show

Our Farm Show page has pictures from the January 2014 PA Farm Show. Photos by Charlie Vorisek.

2013 Fall Conference Photos

Fall Conference Photos (Photos by Bill Mondjack)

From our Summer Picnic...


Picnic Photos

Communication Plan
Video presentation about the PSBA Communication Plan
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2013 PA State Apiary Inspection Season has Ended

Inspections for the year have ended and are expected to resume in Spring 2014.

Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program

The Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program may be able to provide a speaker for your event. See details and contact information on our Honey Queen page.

Honey Sale Legislation

HB 2565 has passed both the House and the Senate ... unanimously. HB 2565 exempts on-the-farm honey producers from food license and registration, provided they produce 100% of the honey offered for sale. The honey offered for sale must comply with the 1974 law referred to as the Honey Sale and Labeling Act.

However...anyone is still subject to inspection. An inspection would most likely be prompted by someone getting sick on the product or complaint. Otherwise, an on- farm producer will likely never see an inspector.

The governor signed this legislation Oct 25th. It will take effect in 60 days. So... in January 2013, every honey producer that became a criminal over-night with Act 106 on Jan 1, 2011, will no longer be criminals again. How cool is that ! We will await any clarifications.

This amendment was initiated by the Susquehanna Beekeepers Association, through their local representative (Sandra Major). Hats off to SBA ! Pa State Beekeepers Association fully supported and actively participated in hearings and communications regarding this amendment.

Charles Vorisek

HB2565   ACT_106   Honey Sale And Labeling Act
Guidelines for the Sanitary Operation of Honey Extracting Facilities
new Selling Honey In PA

Bee Behavior Expert Studies Honeybee Swarms

Read the Smithsonian article about Thomas Seeley: "The Secret Life of Bees".

Monthly Article By Honey Queen (updated 3/29/14)

Our PA Honey Queen is writing a monthly article detailing her activities. Read it on our Honey Queen Program page.

Archived Newsletters

Previous editions of the PSBA Newsletter are now archived online for your convenience.

Pesticide Information

A list of Pesticide descriptions and information is available on our Current Research page.

Protecting Honey Bees from Chemical Pesticides

Documents and Brochures Available in PDF Format

Are Honey Bees pollinators and beneficial insects or pests?

Value of Honey Bees in Pennsylvania

Give Honey Bees a Helping Hand

Beekeeping Basics

Zoning Ordinances, Gardens and Honey Bees

Best Management Practices  (updated 6/25/13)

Selling Honey In PA  (updated 3/17/14)

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