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Upcoming Pennsylvania Farm Show

The 100th Pennsylvania Farm Show is coming up quickly! Here are a few quick announcements: There are openings left for Individual and County Exhibits. Late entries are being accepted on-line. Contact Charlie at for questions. Exhibit entries must arrive at the Farm Show on Thursday, Jan 7th, between 9:00AM and 6:00PM. Pre-entry must be done on-line

Premium Book may be viewed at: For Extracted Honey it is strongly suggested that you enter the color class below and above what you think it is. Honeys will be placed in color classes using a digital color grader. Exhibits may not be removed before 5:00PM on closing Saturday, Jan 16th. All apiary products exhibited must be the product of the Pennsylvania beekeepers or a member of a Pennsylvania association and must be produced in Pennsylvania.

2015 Annual Conference News and Photos

Sarah McTish was selected and crowned at the conference as the new Honey Queen for 2016. See our Honey Queen Program page and the Honey Queen Program's Facebook page for details.

Conference Photos   (Photos by Ken Hoover)

2015 Summer Picnic Photos

Photos of Queen Swap

State declares "Pollinator Week"

June 15-21 designated as Pollinator Week.

PSBA Winter Loss Survey Results

This year's Winter Loss Survey's summary of results are now available. Your participation has been greatly appreciated.

2015 PA State Apiary Inspection

Inspections for the year have ended and are expected to resume in Spring 2016.

Bee Informed Colony Loss Survey Results

Preliminary results are now available.

PSBA 'Waggle' made available online

PSBA Waggle is an emailed posting that expedites information that needs to be more timely or specific than the newsletter. Everyone that receives the state newsletter by email, will also receive these posts. They are now also available here on the website: Waggle from 6-17-15. Old Waggles are archived along with regular published newsletters.

Presidential Memorandum

"Creating a Federal Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators"
Read the article...

Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program

The Pennsylvania Honey Queen Program may be able to provide a speaker for your event. See details and contact information on our Honey Queen page.

Honey Sale Legislation Documents

Honey Sale And Labeling Act
Guidelines for the Sanitary Operation of Honey Extracting Facilities
Selling Honey In PA

Bee Behavior Expert Studies Honeybee Swarms

Read the Smithsonian article about Thomas Seeley: "The Secret Life of Bees".

Archived Newsletters

Previous editions of the PSBA Newsletter are now archived online for your convenience.

Pesticide Information

A list of Pesticide descriptions and information is available on our Current Research page.

Protecting Honey Bees from Chemical Pesticides

Documents and Brochures Available in PDF Format

Are Honey Bees pollinators and beneficial insects or pests?

Value of Honey Bees in Pennsylvania

Give Honey Bees a Helping Hand

Beekeeping Basics

Zoning Ordinances, Gardens and Honey Bees

Best Management Practices  (updated 6/25/13)

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Interested in joining PSBA?

For a list of membership benefits and a form to join the association, see our Membership page.

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